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Kick Series TeleSeminar Tapes

1. "How to Create a Speaker Website That Kicks" (2 hr. tape)

You're thinking about creating a website . . .and you want to do it right the first time OR you have already sunk money into a site and don't get any business from it . . . .So what's wrong? Tom will tell you in this two hour jam-packed audiotape set. Tom gets over 10,000 visitors a month to his site and does tons of business both in product sales and speaking engagements. This tape set will show you how.

You will learn:

Buy Tape 1     $39.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

 2. "How to Create & Distribute a KickButt Electronic Magazine"

Tom has had rapid success with this dirt cheap, fast and highly profitable medium. Learn in one hour, from the comfort of your own home, all the insiders secrets Tom has used to build up a worldwide subscriber base of 8300 people AND how in one recent ten day period his magazine generated $24,500.00 in revenue.

You will learn:

Buy Tape 2     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

What participants had to say about Tom's last TeleSeminar

"As usual, you are a wealth of incredibly valuable and unique information. It would have taken me weeks of hard searching for the kind of information that I received tonight." -- Patricia Gilmore

"I'm so grateful for all the time and money you saved me!" -- Leslie Hamel

"That was a superb course. I more than got my money's worth. I was impressed by the depth of your knowledge and the wealth of practical ideas." -- Rick Maurer

3. "Product Development & Cool, Kickin, Speaker Marketing Techniques"

"NO COLD CALLING" has been Tom's motto for years. He gets clients to call him. Learn how Tom develops and promotes his products and services and then uses them to create much bigger speaking deals that close easier. 

You will learn:

Buy Tape 3     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

4. "Kick Start Your Media Marketing: How to Get Speaking Clients to Call You"

When speaking clients call you, the entire dynamic of the call is in your favor. Instead of you calling unqualified clients and trying to talk them in to hiring you, qualified clients call you and ask, "Are you available."

Tom does NO COLD CALLING and stays as busy as he wants speaking. Find out the simple (and cheap) strategies he uses to keep his name in the public eye and how you can do it too.

You will discover:

Note: This seminar tape includes a comprehensive resource list.

Buy Tape 4     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)


Most of Tom's work is done before he even gets to the state where he is speaking. High levels of preparation and research virtually guarantee you will hit the hot buttons of the audience every time you speak. This means higher evaluations, more referrals, and HIGHER FEES. Learn all the advanced tricks Tom uses to WOW em every time he makes an appearance.

Included in this tape:

And as always with Tom's materials . . . Much, Much More!

Buy Tape 5     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

6 "Kick Back and Make Money from Home: How to Deliver TeleSeminars"

With Special Guest Host: Judy Sabah

"It's the easiest money I ever made," says Tom Antion. "No airplanes, no three days out of the office to do one speech, no power suit, no schlepping props and handouts, AND no great risk and expense like a public seminar incurs."

Learn how to spread your expertise and name worldwide with less hassle than any other aspect of the speaking business.



Buy Tape 6     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

7. "Kick Up a Media Storm: How to Get FREE or REALLY CHEAP Publicity"

With special guest  "The Publicity Hound" Joan Stewart

You don't have to pay for publicity. There are plenty of places begging for your story. Do you know where they are and how to approach them? Joan Stewart does. After 20 years as an editor of three daily newspapers and a weekly business paper, Joan has heard thousands of pitches from people who want to get their story in print. Find out what works and what doesn't in this power packed idea hour with Joan Stewart.


Joan says, "This TeleSeminar will help turn "Media Mutts" into "Publicity Hounds."

Buy Tape 7     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

8. "Kick the Ears off Your Audience: How to Be GREAT on the Radio"

With special guest "The Radio Genius" Joel Roberts

Tom had done hundreds of radio shows all around the world and was considered a "hot guest" on talk show host websites BEFORE he met Joel Roberts.  . . . Joel spent three minutes working on Tom's first 90 seconds and taught Tom a technique that tripled his audience. Tom says, "This man is a genius. I've seen him create media hooks for different people on different topics  . . .on the fly  . . . . . repeatedly for two days straight."

Don't miss this absolutely incredible hour with a man who has done over 5000 hours of talk radio in the number one radio market in the world!


Joel is a master of the airwaves. Don't miss him!

Buy Tape 8     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

9. "Kick Through Your Database to Sell Tons of Products & Services on the Radio"

With special guest, "Mr. Radio Database" Joe Sabah

Tom has personally used Joe Sabah's system and database to book hundreds of radio interviews. But more than that, he has used the specific sales techniques Joe teaches  to turn interviews into bottom line SALES. 

Joe has sold nearly $400,000.00 dollars worth of books on the radio . . . all from home . . . and most while lounging around in his bathrobe. After moving 23,000 plus books AT FULL RETAIL, Joe has learned the secrets of big sales doing radio interviews. He shares them with you on this highly technique oriented tape.


And as always . . . much, much more!

Buy Tape 9     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

10. "Electronic Marketing For Speakers: How to Use Your Computer to Kick in the Bucks"

Big overview of how Tom uses Electronic marketing to bring in product and service income while sitting at home. Covers Basics of Websites, Ezines, E-Books, Associate/Affiliate Programs, TeleSeminars, & Booklets


PLUS Much, Much More

Buy Tape 10     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

11. "Website Update: New Kickin Techniques to Make Your Website Pay"

There is always something new to learn about your website. These are the latest techniques for Website optimization and sales. Including the information Tom got from a high level consultation with Corey Rudl*. Corey tore Tom's successful site apart to make it even more successful. Hear the techniques and changes that Corey suggested to Tom and use them on your website. 

*Corey Rudly sells 5.2 Million Dollars a year on the Internet


Buy Tape 11     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)

12. "Drop Kick Your Self Publishing Fears: How to Create & Distribute E Books"

No Printing, No Conversion Costs, No Website Needed, 
No Excuses . . . Publish Your Book Immediately

With E Publishing Superstar Angela Adair-Hoy who not only owns an E Book website with over 700 titles, she makes $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 per month on four simple E Books.

How much easier can it get? Someone purchases your E Book and either downloads it from your website or you email it to them. You don't even have to go to the post office anymore to ship your products.


Buy Tape 12     $29.95

Buy all twelve and Save     $165.00 (SAVE $204.40 on the entire set)



"31 Ways to Sell Your Audio Tape" with guest J.R Fenwick

"Newsletter Publishing" with guest Jeff Rubin

"How To Humor" with guest John Cantu

"Making a Fortune with Associate Programs"

"How to Be a Syndicated Newspaper Columnist" with guest Angela Adair-Hoy

"The Latest in Speaker Video Technology" with Gary Smith

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