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Re: Speaker training Junket to Montreal

December22, 1998

Tom Antion
Antion & Associates
Box 2630
Landover Hills, MD 20784

Dear Tom:

During my many years in sales and marketing management, I have often been dismayed by the tendency of too many salespeople to "over sell" and "under deliver". My experience with you was a refreshing contrast! Because of your low-key promotion and your emphasis on the benefits I would receive, your invitation to join you on a "speaker training junket" was appealing to me.

Before I saw your e-mail, I had only a vague idea about the details of securing, planning and delivering an international program so the idea of accompanying you for your program in Montreal, Canada was enticing. Tom, you demystified the process for me. And that's not all. You said you would provide Pre-Trip, Pre-Program and Post-Program Training. Sometimes speakers will promise such things, but your dedication to actually providing me with practical knowledge, resources and opportunities is what really impressed me. You left me not with that all too often sense of buyers remorse but rather a feeling of deep gratitude.

Before we left for the trip, you related the groundwork you laid that got you hired for this program. You spent several hours on the phone with me, competently answering the myriad of questions I had. When I came to your office to leam how to use the video equipment, you once again focused on giving rather than getting. You spent most of our time together showing me how you run your office, the software and hardware you use to create your products, programs and marketing materials. You gave me ideas for my web site, tips for increasing product sales, ways to access clients and so much more.

On the way to Canada you taught me many things, including great ways to strike up relationships with the other passengers. Once in Canada you showed me how to prepare the room, how to warm up the audience, how to resolve last minute glitches and Tom, I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me to present to the Canadian Chapter of Meeting Planners International. You made it possible before the program, during the program and at the dinner reception afterwards for me to get to know the members and that alone was worth more than the cost of the trip! In addition to all of the above, you gave me a copy of your book, Wake 'Em Up Business Presentations and several other tools that I will use in the months and years to come as I continue to build my speaking business.

Tom, I want to thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience with me. I will highly recommend this venue to other speakers who want to learn first-hand how to make a top-notch presentation happen from start to finish.


Linda Ward Barrett

Barrett Resource Group


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