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Public Speaking ENERGY

by Ty Boyd, CSP, CPAE

The greatest asset any public speaking expert can have is ENERGY.   In science, "energy" is defined as the ability to do work.  "Work" is the product of a force (which moves an object) and the distance the object is moved.  And "power" measures how fast the "work" is done per unit time.

In this view of the foregoing, your appropriate use of "energy" during public speaking can "work" your audience to ponder specific facts or events.  People will become more "energized" to contemplate their course of appropriate actions to resolve issues.  

Energy comes in many colors and hues, from a whisper to a shout. Some will define energy as passion, enthusiasm or "fire in the belly." With this fire, even a trivial message becomes compelling; without it, the most powerful message will fall unheard. We say "fire your purpose with passion. Run it through your principle-filter. Prepare. Practice. Then, present. The result will be enormous speaking POWER."



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