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Public Speaking:
Laws of Humor

by Scott Friedman 

Law No. 1 
You Do Not Have To Use Humor, Unless You Want To Get Paid People will pay more to be entertained than to be educated. 

Two Trends in Public Speaking: 

Incorporate the 3 Es: 

  1. Educate 
  2. Enlighten 
  3. Entertain 

Law No. 2 
Know Thy Audience 
The more you know about the audience, the more opportunities you will have to play with them. 

Ways to Learn About Your Audience: 

Law No. 3 
The Shortest Distance Between You And The Audience Is A Good Laugh 
Eliminate all barriers between you and your audience. Create the illusion of control. Approach the audience as though everyone came to have a good time. The purpose is not to control them, but to ask, "What is it we have in common?" 

Four Effective Humorous Openings Public Speaking: 

Law No. 4 
Your Success As A Speaker Will Be In Direct Proportion To The Amount Of Original Material You Use 
The harder you are to duplicate, the more in demand you will be. Personal stories are always best, because they give the audience a chance to get to know you. Vulnerability is your greatest strength. 

Law No. 5
If You Can't Find Funny Material, Change Your Glasses 

Where to find humor: 

Law No. 6 
Great Humor Is Not Written; It Is Rewritten 

"The most common mistake in using humor is people give up too soon." Gene Peret 

5 steps to writing original material: 

  1. Recall experiences from your past that are embarrassing, unusual, or funny. 
  2. Tell the story to friends. Make a note where they laugh. 
  3. Re-write. Eliminate unnecessary words and shorten. Put the biggest laugh at the end. A really good story explodes into the punchline, which is nothing more than the unexpected truth that twists reality slightly. In humor, less is more. 
  4. When you're comfortable, start telling it from the platform. The pause will dramatically improve your timing and rhythm. 
  5. Add laugh lines. Keep editing. Tape every speech, then go through it. Try to find and increase the laugh lines. Get a Humor Buddy to brainstorm with.

Law No. 7 
Spontaneity Is Always Better The Second Time Around 
Accidents do happen. When accidents take place, the audience becomes ill-at-ease. Any comment will break the tension. Being prepared is the key to rehearsed spontaneity. Before making a remark, pause and look up like you are searching for something to say. The audience will think you are creating the humor on the spot. 

Law No. 8 
If They Dont Laugh, It Was not Meant To Be Funny 
All humor must apply to your speech. Relevance reduces resistance. When taking advantage of humor of the moment, be ready with a comeback line. 

Comeback lines: 

Law No. 9 
The Richest Laugh Is At No One's Expense 
You lose respect and credibility when you offend someone in your audience. Listen through the ears of the audience. When in doubt, leave it out. The reason you use humor is to enhance your message. If your humor offends, then it interferes with what you have to say. 

Law No. 10 
You Are Your Own Best Style 
You need to uncover the style you already have and use it, rather than use someone else's style. Select material carefully so that it compliments your style. If your humor is too much different from your own personality, it appears awkward and incongruent. Be yourself! 

Scott Friedman,CSP, Motivational Humorist Author of Using Humor For A Change http://www.FunnyScott.com  mail:Scott@FunnyScott.com 

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