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Public speaking can make you money.
Public Speaking:
How to Relax for Your Presentation

By Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE 

We've all heard that the fear of death is second only to the fear of public speaking. That may be true, but if you're looking for one of the cheapest and most effective methods of promoting your service or product, concentrate on the positive results of doing a presentation. Think of the contacts and prospective clients you'll be generating with just 20 minutes in front of an audience. 

In case accentuating the positive isn't enough to keep the butterflies in your stomach in line, before you step up to the podium, take time to work through these exercises to help you channel all that nervousness into energy. 

Physical Preparation: Warm up and relax your body and face by performing the following: 

All of these exercises serve to warm you up and relax you. Those exaggerated movements make it easier for your movements to flow more naturally. Now concentrate on the potential customers you'll be cultivating with your talk. Aren't you getting a warm feeling just thinking about that? 

Go on--step up on the podium and profit from the experience.

Patricia Fripp CSP,CPAE is a San Francisco-based professional speaker on Change, Teamwork, Customer Service, Promoting Business, and Communication Skills. She is the author of "Get What You Want!" and Past-President of the National Speakers Association. PFripp@aol.com, 1-800 634 3035, http://www.fripp.com  

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