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Public Speaking:
Storytelling DON'Ts

When setting up a story

Better ways to set up a story 
The best way to start a story is to get right into it. You should be into the story before anyone realizes it is a story. That way they are already deeply involved and don't have time to resist. You could say:

There was this man . . .

On the flight here . . . Don't say, A funny thing happened on the way to the meeting today.

Driving in this morning . . .

In the cab today . . .

I was talking with . . .

Let me take you back . . ., Come with me . . ., Imagine . . ., Visualize this . . . These are a little different because they do alert the audience that a story is coming, but they get them so involved emotionally that any resistance is counteracted.

When getting out of a story

Here Are Some More Don'ts

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